New Tutorial: How to get (almost) perfect texture rotations

posted at November 16, 2013 in Blog

Once again I have figured out something interesting that has a huge potential to make our lifes easier!

For those of you who always wanted to create curved brushes in GoldSource whose textures are more seamless, I might have found a good solution. However it requires a bit knowledge of Blender 3D.

If you want to find out how easy it can be:

If there are questions or comments, please feel free to send me a mail ( or post it in the commentsection.

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Happy Halloween 2013

posted at October 31, 2013 in 3D Art, Blog, CGI, Half-Life Mods, Nohra's Concealment

Happy Halloween 2013 :) Hope you have a scary time!

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Biomimicry Insect Robot

posted at May 24, 2013 in 3D Art

Ive created this one a month ago but due to some “minor” harddrive issues I couldnt finish it until now. I used the Phoenix Robot as a reference for the model. As always the textures were done in PS.

insect robot walk cycle

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New Tutorial: How to get models from Blender to GoldSRC

posted at April 11, 2013 in Blog

Hello there my fellow Gold(SRC)diggers!

I have just added a new GoldSRC-tutorial on how to export models from Blender and compile them for GoldSRC, using various tools like the Blender SMD Tools (for Source), Milkshape and GUI StudioMDL.

Black Mesa SUV

For all who were afraid of using Blender because they didn’t know if it’s possible to get it into GoldSRC, this will not only be an in-depth guide on how to do this, but how to create simple QC-files for your models too.

However it might be necessary to own a copy of Milkshape for this (or just the trial version).

If there are questions or comments, please feel free to send me a mail ( or post it in the commentsection.

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A robot eye that somehow looks familiar

posted at March 17, 2013 in 3D Art, Game Content

Hi there,
yesterday I did a small job for Trempler and modelled, textured and animated this robot eye in Blender. Some of you might already have realized its similarity to Wheatley from Portal 2 which, I can assure you, is tooootally accidental :)

The whole process took me something about 5 hours. As always I used Photoshop and Blender. The model, or actually the two models (eye and socket), will be used in a Sven Coop map in the end, where the eye will trace players.


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New Hammer tutorial added

posted at March 09, 2013 in Blog
Today I have created a new video tutorial for the Hammer Editor 3.5 that shows how to use the arch tool to create a curved hallway.

Watch it here or right on YouTube.

Maybe I will do another one these days.

Nohra: construction of raw concept maps begins

posted at January 01, 2013 in Half-Life Mods, Nohra's Concealment
I finally began to construct the first raw concept maps for the project. There will be screenshots soon.

Some pages are being displayed incorrectly

posted at December 14, 2012 in Blog
Since I updated WordPress to version 3.5 some page archives are not being displayed correctly. I will have to find a solution for this later.
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Nohra: It’s still a long journey

posted at December 14, 2012 in Half-Life Mods, Nohra's Concealment

Diesen Post auf deutsch lesen

“What’s next with Nohra’s Concealment?”, maybe that’s the question that is being asked, when viewing the content that was released the past 3 years.

Nohra, or the “Project” Nohra, has gradually evolved to something, that one person alone can not accomplish anymore without being a highly disciplined workhorse – and that’s what I am certainly not. However you don’t see me looking for modelers, animators, coders and so on. With my lack of motivation I just dont believe I can coordinate additional people and still archieve the quality I wish for.

So at the moment it is probably up to me to convert the many ideas that have been collected so far, into something concrete.

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Nohra: It’s still a long journey (deutsch)

posted at December 14, 2012 in Half-Life Mods, Nohra's Concealment

“Was wird denn nun eigentlich mit Nohra’s Concealment?”, das ist vielleicht die Frage, die sich stellt, wenn man den in den letzten 3 Jahren veröffentlichten Content betrachtet.

Nohra, also, das “Projekt” Nohra, hat sich mit den Jahren zu etwas entwickelt, das eine Person allein streng genommen nicht bewerkstelligen kann, ohne ein wirklich diszipliniertes Arbeitstier zu sein – und das bin ich gewiss nicht. Dennoch seht ihr mich nicht, wie ich auf der Suche bin nach Modellern, Animatoren, Codern und so weiter. Ich traue es mir schlichtweg nicht zu, bei meiner mangelnden Motivation noch zusätzlich weitere Leute zu koordinieren und dabei die Qualität zu erreichen, die ich mir wünsche.

Und so wird es wohl erst einmal allein bei mir liegen, die vielen Ideen, die ich angehäuft habe, in etwas greifbares zu verwandeln.

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