Using the arch tool in Hammer 3.5 (video tutorial)

posted at March 09, 2013 in GoldSRC Tutorials

In this tutorial I show you the steps for creating a curved hallway by using especially the arch tool. This method can be applied to any curved thing and even modified to match your special needs.

Other used features of the editor in this video are:
- applying textures with the “Align to view” option of the texture tool which is less time-consuming and mostly even more accurate than rotating them
- overriding the grid size by pressing ALT while moving brushes or vertices in vertex mode, so that stuff will snap to 1 unit

Further tip:
If you want to have angular planes like they would appear in pipes, you will have to use triangulated brushes or you will get “invalid solid brush” errors. Also when doing triangulated brushwork with many angular faces, there will most likely be clipping bugs so it would be better to manually create less complex (less angular) brushes for the clipping hull.
Furthermore you can use HINT and SKIP brushes instead of letting VIS carve up your faces randomly (use “gl_wireframe 1″ in-game to see if VIS cuts your faces unbeautiful).

Why is creating arks with numbers below 360° not recommended?
I wrote this, because (as you can see in the example) the snapping of the arks will then be different from the one of circles and 360° arks, so it takes you more work for fixing it. It is easier to do the whole 360 degrees and delete the parts you don’t need.

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