A little Hammer FAQ

posted at November 29, 2012 in GoldSRC Tutorials

Hey hey,
since some people were asking I wrote a small FAQ:

  • Q: How to select multiple vertices in Vertex-Mode?
    A: Hold down CTRL while selecting the vertices.
  • Q: How to move selected vertices without mouse?
    A: Use the Arrow-Keys (Up/Down/Left/Right) on your Keyboard. The grid size defines how far the vertices will move.
  • Q: How to make an edge between two selected vertices?
    A: Press CTRL+F (this only works when compiling an RMF-File).
  • Q: How to flip the side that is going to be cutted while in clip-mode?
    A: Press the Clipping-tool button again (SHIFT+X).
  • Q: How do I get model rendering in Hammers 3D-View?
    A: 1) You have to use the 3.5beta version of Hammer.

    2) Extract the Half-Life models from Steams half-life.gcf (../Steam/steamapps/half-life.gcf) into your ../valve/models-directory.

    3) Use a modified Half-Life Game Definition File* (e.g. halflife-cs_expert.fgd), it will contain information for hammer to display the models you have placed into your models-folder.

    * This FGD pack was provided by Gimly on www.gimli-maps.de (went offline meanwhile)!
  • Q: How do I check for errors?
    A: Press ALT+P. (!This wont show you Leaks!)
  • Q: I cant select anything in the 3D-View, whats the problem?
    A: 1) If you are using a modern ATI card and/or drivers, try to turn down or completely turn off Anti-Aliasing in your graphic card utility (e.g. Catalyst Control Center / AMD Vision Engine Control center).

    2) Also try placing a atioglxx.dll file into your Hammers directory.
  • Q: Where do I find any files?
    A: Please, just use GOOGLE, thanks!


6 comments on “A little Hammer FAQ
  1. Hey, I’m having problems with getting my models to render. Could you do a bit more in depth tutorial for dummies?

    • Also, can’t find a FGD that has the env_model
      So I would greatly appreciate if you took the time to send me one :/

        • Hey, sorry, actually I didn’t do a great job on my tutorials so far and I am too lazy to do new ones.

          Unfortunately I cant say where I found the FGDs I am using but I will add one as attachment to the article.

          I guess you have resolved this issue for now? If you have further questions, feel free to ask :)

          • Hey, I’m having lag issues. Is there some way I can make it not render specific things? and will it help changing to a lower quality textur on surfaces that can’t been seen (for example under boxes and walls)

            • Where do you have these issues? In HL or in Hammer?
              In Hammer you can turn off model rendering.
              Its always good to add the NULL texture to faces, that cant be seen by the player in the game since it will completely prevent the rendering of these faces.

              This wont do a lot of difference on a modern pc though.

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