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posted at December 11, 2012 in Blog

…to my all new WordPress powered website /slash/ blog.

I am listening to a chilly Chiptune compilation right now and I am almost getting a little euphoric. Never mind.

I have messed around with WordPress the past few months which was actually VERY exhausting most of the time since I am not really a PHP coder.. or a coder at all. And when you have to scrape together foreign code for any feature you want to implement, your final WordPress theme becomes a bit of a rig rag. Nevertheless I got this done, which is (in case you know me) a HUGE sucess!

What about Nohra?

As for the most of you I assume you got here with my mod project Nohra’s Concealment in mind. Well yes, I am sure thats one reason to come here… maybe the only one… and I don’t want to disappoint you.

I will write a complete post especially for this, you can view it here.

How to navigate the page

This can be kind of confusing and I am still not very happy with the page structure but I won’t change that at the moment either.

For example there are several categories that divide blog-posts, Half-Life Mod Entries and Tutorials. But mod entries and tutorials are kind of an own group too, since they are so-called “custom post types”. Actually… you don’t really have to know this, I think you will do just fine.

By the way, most of the TAGS are used in tutorials, for example to group together those which are written in different languages.

That’s it I guess.

More will be added later.

See you! :)

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