Half-Life singleplayer modification (released 2002)


  • Released:
  • June 2002
  • Started:
  • 2002
  • Engine:
  • GoldSRC - Half-Life
  • Alt Title:
  • Half-Life: Underground



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hl1_underground.7z (7.12 MB)



- version 2, multilingual (en/ger), steam compatible
- released on Jul 5, 2007 - originally in Jun, 2002
- contains 17 maps (plus 3 in-/outromaps, 5 trainmaps)
- used Worldcraft Ed. 3.3, HL Model-Viewer, Sprite Viewer, Sprite Wiz, PAK-Scape, Wally, Gensurf
- based on Half-Life 1009


The Story of Underground continues the original story of Half-Life. As Gordon Freeman, you are sent on a mission to the distant north bunkers of Black Mesa. While you are looking for the Xen aliens, you have to cross small ventilation shafts, derelict maintenance areas and dark laboratories. You may be "underground" but the only way out is to go deeper...


Half-Life Underground was my first and only official continuation of Half-Life. Anything I created after it was not finished or unrelated and too small to be a fanmod. Underground was original released in the German gamemagazine PC-Action in 2002, nowhere else. As I worked on Underground I already had one year's experience in working with the Worldcraft editor. I've never worked so long and hard for one single project since.



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