Thewall 48h Contest

Half-Life singleplayer contest map (unfinished - released 2010)


  • Released:
  • September 2010
  • Started:
  • August 2010
  • Engine:
  • GoldSRC - Half-Life
  • Alt Title:
  • 48h Half-Life Mapping Contest



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hl1_thewall-48h-contest_by-ToTac.7z (1.14 MB)


I created this little map to participate in a 48 hour mapping contest, arranged by the german Half-Life mapping community board in late August 2010.

Like Black Mesa: Sideline it does not have real story elements and furthermore there is also no relevant gameplay (no enemies).

The theme of the contest was something like "Black Mesa after the atom bomb", so the map features a hideout for scientists.



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