Outbreak 2

Half-Life singleplayer modification (aborted 2008)


  • Released:
  • project aborted
  • Started:
  • February 2006
  • Engine:
  • GoldSRC - Spirit of Half-Life



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Outbreak 2 was supposed to be a sequel to one of my older custom fun maps that featured something like an outbreak from anywhere (I can't say it more precisely since I lost all of my old maps). However the project and the ideas behind it grew by time and it became different to what it was in the beginning.

I often restarted the maps and other content due to my unhappiness with the overall quality. Another reason for the frequent changes in the project was the fact that I started to develop and improve my texture design and modelling skills in 2008 and following.

In the end of 2008 I realized that I had to restart the project from scratch. That was the time when "Nohra's Concealment" was born and became something like a lifelong bond and the number one reason for my today's skills and frustration.


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