Black Mesa: Sideline

Half-Life singleplayer modification (released 2007)


  • Released:
  • September 2007
  • Started:
  • July 2007
  • Engine:
  • GoldSRC - Half-Life
  • Alt Title:
  • Half-Life1 Singleplayer Mappack


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Black Mesa: Sideline is a small Half-Life singleplayer mission. It contains 2 maps and is fully compatible with HL-Steam and HL-Won.


Extract the zipped package to your Half-Life folder in Steam or i.e. “..SierraHalf-Life..” in case you are using the won-version of HL. That’s it, have fun.


I created Black Mesa: Sideline to participate in a little Half-Life mappack project that was arranged by the german Half-life mapping community in June 2007. In the end I wasn't able to finish my part of the project so I threw together what I had and released it without any story elements.

It turned out to be moderately successful and I am still very satisfied with the quality I accomplished back then.



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