A robot eye that somehow looks familiar

posted at March 17, 2013 in 3D Art, Game Content

Hi there,
yesterday I did a small job for Trempler and modelled, textured and animated this robot eye in Blender. Some of you might already have realized its similarity to Wheatley from Portal 2 which, I can assure you, is tooootally accidental :)

The whole process took me something about 5 hours. As always I used Photoshop and Blender. The model, or actually the two models (eye and socket), will be used in a Sven Coop map in the end, where the eye will trace players.


Robot eye by ~ToTac on deviantART

In case you want to see the animations:

Also: You can download the models and use them in your personal projects. Just be sure to give me credits, thank you very much :)

Download the zip here.

Little note: Yes, I am still working on the concept maps for Nohra and making good progress here! :)

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